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Out In Africa has other activities

OIA is committed to the development of queer filmmaking in South Africa and administered scriptwriting workshops in 1999 and 2000. It provided production funds for two scripts developed in these workshops, and for a feature film, all of which will be screened on the Festival this year.

In 2001 we contributed funding for: Mpumi Njinge's Everything Must come To Light; in 2002 for Gerald Kraak's Property of the State: Gay Men in the Apartheid Military; and for the South African - Canadian co-production feature Proteus by John Greyson and Jack Lewis.

OIA is in line to profit from the international theatrical and television sales of the two latter titles. These profits will be invested in future film productions.

OIA and Stargate Distribution International have jointly purchased the distribution rights (theatrical, television, video and DVD) of the feature film L.I.E. that is being screened at the Festival this year. It will be released on the Cinema Nouveau screened by Nedbank circuit soon. We hope to make a tidy profit, which we will use to invest in new South African productions and purchase other titles for distribution here.

We are making the call for 15-minute scripts for lesbian films. We will choose 5 stories to take into production. We've canvassed every dyke we know in the industry and they're all willing to help - the directors, producers, art directors, production designers, cinematographers, focus pullers, wardrobe, even the caterers, not to mention the actors. Now, all we need are the stories, the money will come…. Find out more about it on our website or write to

It's time to get OUT! Out of the cities, into the countryside and across our borders. With funding from the British Council, specifically for an outreach programme, OIA intends to create "video suitcases" for distribution to rural areas and to Botswana, Mauritius, Namibia and Zimbabwe. We are negotiating for the rights for distribution of about 30 titles, which we'll package, tailored to suit the target audiences. These titles will include a selection of documentaries, short dramas and feature films, which will be distributed for free. We thank the British Council, Cape Town, for sharing our vision.

OIA has established relationships with South African organizations - such as GALA and Behind the Mask - who will assist in identifying groups that will make use of this facility. OIA has established contacts with The Rainbow Project in Namibia and the Gay and Lesbian Association of Zimbabwe (GALZ).

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