The Adventures of Felix (Drôle de Félix)
France 2000 35mm 95min subtitled
Dirs: Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau.

Prepare to be charmed by this delightful film! Félix, made redundant from work, decides to take a trip to Marseilles from Dieppe, where he lives happily with his lover, Daniel. Félix is off to see his only remaining family, the father he has never met, an Algerian who left his mother before he was born. Hitching along the Springtime back roads and byways, however, Félix finds new ‘relatives’ – the story unfolds in titled chapters as the character he meets could be his ‘little brother’, his ‘cousin’, his ‘grandmother’, his ‘sister’. It’s a well-rounded film, a comedy that doesn’t shy away from politics - issues of racism, xenophobia and AIDS are seamlessly integrated in a story that is fresh and satisfying.

Jhb Thu 6 / 8pm Tue 11 / Fri 14 / 8.15pm
CT Sun 16 / 4pm Mon 17 / 7.45pm Sat 22 / 8pm
Dbn Sat 29 / 8.15pm

  • More on the Pyramide Films web site

  • The Adventures of Felix (Drôle de Félix)


    All About My Father (Alt om min Far)
    Norway 2001 35mm 77min subtitled
    Dir: Even Benestad

    If you think your family is dysfunctional, this documentary about a cross-dressing Norwegian doctor should put things into perspective for you. The film is unique because the director is also the son of transvestite Esben / Esther-Pirelli Benestad and he leaves no dirty family laundry unwashed. From the sulky sister, to the tearful ex-wife, to the domineering step-mother, to the filmmaker himself, everyone has their say about how Esben / Esther’s irrepressible urge to wear women’s knickers ‘n knockers has affected them. But, more than a family bickering session, this film also explores Esben / Esther’s rocky but rewarding road to personal freedom and self-realization, even if it means telling his adult children to “just grow up!”. An intimate, sometimes funny and brave exploration of transvestitism.

    Jhb Sat 8 / 8.15pm Sun 9 / 6.15pm Tue 11 / 6pm
    CT Sat 15 / 6pm Mon 17 / 6pm Sat 22 / 6pm
    Dbn Sun 30 / 4pm

  • See a review on the web site
  • More on the Regus London Film Festival web site

  • All About My Father (Alt om min Far)


    All the Queen’s Men
    USA 2001 35mm 105min
    Dir: Stefan Ruzowitzky

    Now, here’s a true story of the Enigma that doesn’t pretend to be more than it is… hapless US soldier, Matt Leblanc (of Friends fame), is taught how to walk, not march, in high heels and apply make-up by cross-dresser Eddie Izzard – ‘a lesbian trapped in man’s body’. All this in preparation for the dangerous mission to steal the coding machine from the Enigma factory outside Berlin, which is manned by women only - hence the disguise. It’s a funny film with a great plot that twists and turns, lots of action, many genuine comic moments, two great romances and one very happy-ever-after ending. Leblanc, matched with a great cast, proves that he can move beyond the box to the big screen and, yes, he looks great in lipstick! MPAA rating PG-13.

    Courtesy of Atlantic Streamline
    MPAA rating: PG-13

    Jhb Sat 8 / 6pm Mon 10 / 6pm Wed 12 / 10pm
    CT Fri 14 / 6pm Wed 19 / 8pm Sun 23 / 8pm
    Dbn Sun 30 / 8pm

  • See a review on the web site
  • More on the All The Queen's Men web site

  • TOP

    Benzina (Gasoline)
    Italy 2001 35mm 90min subtitled
    Dir: Monica Stambrini

    Though this film could have been set anywhere and there are no famous monuments in sight, no vistas, no pizza nor pasta, is Italian to the core. Set in a gas station, along highways, in clubs, toilets and a car cemetery, shot almost always in the dark and shadows, with occasional bursts of bright lighting it is stylish, sexy and filled with black, unexpected humour. Briefly, Lenni’s super-bourgeois mother comes for a surprise visit to the gas-station where she works, a fight ensues, Lenni’s mechanic girlfriend, Stella, comes to her defense and kills Mama by accident. Now, how to get rid of Mama’s body when there are three pissed-off speed freaks outside wanting petrol? A great plot, superbly shot and with delicious performances, Benzina is sophisticated, erotically charged and palpably flammable. Move over Thelma & Louise! A film for all the family.

    Jhb Fri 7 / 8.15pm Mon 10 / 8.15pm Wed 12 / 8pm
    CT Fri 14 / 8.15pm Sun 16 / 8pm Fri 21 / 8.15pm
    Dbn Fri 28 / 8pm

  • More on the Artichoke web site

  • Benzina (Gasoline)


    Bombay Eunuch
    India / USA 2001 Video 71min
    Dirs: Alexandra Shiva, Sean MacDonald, Michelle Gucovsky.

    The Hijra, traditionally respected for their reputed spiritual powers and near divinity, are little more than relics in a rapidly modernizing India. The British outlawed ritual castration and so began the decline of their religious role, though they still number about 1.5million. Now, poverty-stricken and subject to mockery, they resort to begging and prostitution. Ostracized, they are forced to live apart and form their own families. This intelligent and fascinating portrait of the dynamic Meena, indomitable matriarch, and her adopted daughters goes further – using archival footage and Bollywood clips it places Meena’s story in the larger context of Indian history and society and the gender politics of Indian culture. Colourful and vivid, the film has a delightful, unexpected ending – you just can’t keep a good woman down!

    Courtesy of Gidalya Pictures

    Jhb Sat 8 / 5.30pm Thu 13 / 6pm Sat 15 / 4pm
    CT Sat 15 5pm Mon 17 / 615pm Sat 22 / 9pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 12.30pm

  • More on the United Nations Association Film Festival web site

  • Bombay Eunuch


    USA 2001 35mm 120min
    Dir: Dirk Shafer

    Pecs, poppers and parties – particularly the flesh pits of the famed Circuit raves – is the subject matter of Dirk Shafer’s second film. Shafer’s first, which screened at the Festival in 1996, was a mockmentary of his time as the closeted hetero-hunk Playgirl Man of the Year. John’s a cop, persecuted in his small hometown for being gay, he moves to L.A at the invitation of his cousin Tad who, incidentally, is making a documentary about the circus that is the Circuit. John, literally sucked into the world of techno, drugs, penile injections (ouch!) and glistening flesh, hangs with hustler Hector and learns, turns, a trick or two. Shafer cleverly uses the film within a film to handle the subplots, commenting on a life-style that has the depth of a spinning mirror ball. A must for the boys!

    Jhb Fri 7 / 10.15pm Mon 10 / 10.15pm Thu 13 / 8pm
    CT Fri 14 / 10pm Mon 17 / 10pm Fri 21 / 10.15pm
    Dbn Fri 28 / 10pm

  • See the review on
  • More on the official movie web site

  • Circuit


    The Delta
    USA 1996 Video 85min
    Dir: Ira Sachs

    The essence of cruising is anonymity. Men of different cultures, races and backgrounds meet for the single purpose of shadowy pleasure. Ira Sachs captures this by tracking the meeting of two young men from very different worlds. One a confused, repressed upper-middle-class white boy, Lincoln Bloom, and the other a working-class son of a Vietnamese mother and black GI father, Minh Nguyen. They spend two intimate days together transgressing all boundaries, but a boyish prank gone wrong threatens Lincoln’s privileged white boy’s world and he is “scared straight” back to his girlfriend. Racism is ever-present as the movie explores the marginalisation of mixed race immigrants in America through Minh’s character. This honest cinema-verite film takes you on an Oedipal and social journey with a shocking and abrupt climax. You’ll never look at cruising the same way again.

    Courtesy of Ira Sachs

    Jhb Sat 8 / 10.30pm Mon 10 / 10pm Thu 13 / 8pm
    CT Sun 16 / 8.30pm Wed 19 / 10pm Sat 22 / 10pm
    Dbn Fri 28 / 5.45pm

  • See the review on
  • See the interview with Ira Sachs
  • More information on The Delta
  • More information on The Sundance Film Festival web site

  • The Delta


    Divas: Love Me Forever
    Canada 2001 Video 82min
    Dir: Edimburgo Cabrera

    Deep down we all think that we are divas, but this film separates the lipice from the lipstick. Six Caribbean African-American drag queen divas take us on a tour of Toronto’s vibrant gay performance scene. The candid off-stage interviews contrast sharply with their rude, crude and hysterical on-stage performances, revealing individual stories of joy, sorrow, the highs and lows. Sans make-up the gals speak openly and honestly about issues such as gender identity, self-acceptance, homophobia and racism. There’s also some fantastic footage of 1970’s drag shows, showing how much the art has evolved. Look out for the Tina Turner impersonation; calves like those are a gift from God.

    Jhb Sun 9 / 4pm Thu 13 / 10pm Sun 16 / 7.30pm
    CT Sun 16 / 4.15pm Fri 21 / 8.30pm Sun 23 / 4pm

  • More information on the Gurl Pages web site

  • Divas: Love Me Forever


    Estonia: Dreams of Eurovision
    UK 2002 Video 63min
    Dir: Marina Zenovich

    Not overtly queer, this quirky documentary tells the story of Estonia’s quest to put the Country On The Map (it’s a little dot up by the Baltic sea – in case you were wondering) by winning then hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. With the odds against them (the weather, a post-KGB mentality, a high suicide rate and a megalomaniac record company owner) the entire population, and we do mean entire, gets behind the country’s bid to host one of the campest contests on Earth. It’s a clever and revealing film made for the BBC’s Arena series and Executive Produced by Vikram Jayanti whose documentaries The Man Who Bought Mustique and James Ellroy’s Feast Of Death delighted audiences at the 2002 Encounters South African International Documentary Festival.

    Courtesy of Vikram Jayanti

    Jhb Sat 8 / 7pm Tue 11 / 6.15pm Sat 15 / 7.15pm
    CT Fri 14 / 7.15pm Mon 17 / 6pm Sat 22 / 5.15pm

  • More information on the to the film

  • Estonia: Dreams of Eurovision


    Family Fundamentals
    USA 2002 Video 75min
    Dir: Arthur Dong

    Here’s a Trembling before G-d for Christians... Dong objectively explores the notions of family and loyalty, of politics, doctrine and belief, through the eyes of three homosexuals. Susan Jester’s mother, Kathleen, is a Pentecostal church leader and advocates ‘reparative therapy’ for homosexuals. Brett Matthews, the son of a Mormon Bishop, receives a steady stream of letters encouraging him to change his ‘condition’. Brian Bennett was a ‘son’ and right hand man to Roman Catholic, Californian Republican Congressman Bob Dornan, a strident opponent of gay rights. Disapproval of your lifestyle is one thing, but to be blamed for the events of September 11 because your actions have turned God’s anger against America, is entirely another. The Americans created pop-psychology. So, what ever happened to unconditional love?

    Jhb Sun 9 / 5.45pm Wed 12 / 6.15pm Sun 16 / 4pm
    CT Sun 16 / 4pm Thu 20 / 8pm Sun 23 / 4.15pm
    Dbn Sun 30 / 2pm

  • More information on Deep Focus Productions web site

  • Family Fundamentals


    The Fluffer
    USA 2001 35mm 94min
    Dirs: Richard Glatzer & Wash Washington

    Know what a “Fluffer” is? It’s a hard job… never credited, never seen, they are essential to the prolonged performance of the porn stars. Sweet, innocent wannabe film director Sean is obsessed with classic movies. By mistake he’s picked up Citizen Cum from the video store and so begins his new obsession with Johnny Rebel, a sizeable gay-for-pay porn star. Desperate to meet Johnny, Sean works as a cameraman on his films and even takes on the job of fluffing the man… The complication is that Johnny is selfish, shallow, straight and abusive, particularly of his very nice, nurturing girlfriend. Deborah Harry stars. A fluffy film for the boys!

    Jhb Thu 13 / 6pm Fri 14 / 10.15pm Sun 16 / 8.30pm
    CT Tue 18 / 10.15pm
    Thu 20 / 8.15pm Sat 22 / 10pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 10pm

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  • The Fluffer


    Georgie Girl
    New Zealand 2001 Video 70min
    Dirs: Annie Goldson & Peter Wells

    Meet Georgina Beyer, former sex-worker and stripper, ex-mayor and now New Zealand’s first transsexual Maori MP. Born George Bertrand, after a troubled youth working the club scene in Wellington and a short stint as an actress, she decided George was out, Georgie was in, and headed for the hills and seclusion in a small town. Georgie never looked back. There she surprised everyone, including herself, when a largely conservative electorate voted her in as a local councilor, later mayor. Georgie’s approachability, talent and commitment to helping those who put her in office, and her refusal to shy away from her past, are qualities she’s still valued for on the national stage. A fabulous and touching whirl through the life and times of one of the most remarkable women in politics today.

    Jhb Mon 10 / 6.15pm Thu 13 / 6.15pm Sat 15 / 4pm
    CT Sat 15 / 5.30pm Thu 20 / 6.15pm Sat 22 / 3.45pm

  • More information on Women Make Movies web site

  • Georgie Girl


    The Gift
    USA 2002 Video 62min
    Dir: Louise Hogarth

    In her research filmmaker Hogarth discovered 80 websites that are devoted to ‘barebacking’ – sex without a condom. At the other extreme she found ‘Bug Chasers’, negative men who actively seek the ‘Gift’ of HIV infection at organized ‘conversion parties’. Dr. Walt Odets, a noted psychoanalist and author of ‘In the Shadow of the Epidemic, which examines the loss, grief and anxiety experienced by negative men living with the AIDS epidemic, speaks at length about prevention and why it has failed. Doug, bright and articulate, was a ‘Bug Chaser’. He speaks candidly about his reasons for seeking the ‘Gift’ and the consequences. The Gift is an extraordinary expose of a dangerous new practice fueled by the mistaken belief that AIDS is now a manageable disease.

    Louise Hogarth will attend the Festival, we thank her for the use of her film.

    Jhb Mon 10 / 6pm Wed 12 / 8pm Fri 14 / 7.45pm
    CT Mon 17 / 7.30pm Wed 19 / 8.15pm Fri 21 / 10pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 6.15pm

  • More on the web site and for opposing views on are Rolling Stone and Newsweek web sites

  • TOP

    Girl King
    Canada 2001 Video 80min
    Dir: Ileana Pietrobruno

    “I wanna be the fucker, not the fuckee!”, choruses Butch, the drop-dead-gorgeous virgin. Press-ganged by Cap’n Candy into pirate guise, Butch must find and return the Queen’s stolen treasure, her koilus (wet cave), and only a Virgin-Butch can do it. But sweet Butch is sweet on femme Claudia, and Claudia has her own ideas as to how long Butch will be a virgin and who’ll be on top. Will, can, Butch resist temptation, complete her quest and win her koilus’ desire? This fabulous film is witty and inventive, showing how much you can do with minimal sets (a beach and some bushes), some old footage and gorgeous women…it plunders pirate films, playing with and deconstructing established notions of gender and still manages to be sexy. Never have girls looked so good with five-o’clock-shadow…

    Ileana Pietrobruno will attend the Festival courtesy of the Canada Council.

    Jhb Thu 6 / 8pm Tue 11 / 8pm Fri 14 / 8.15pm
    CT Thu 13 / 8pm Wed 19 / 8pm Sat 22 /
    Dbn Thu 27 / 8pm

  • See the interview on web site

  • Girl King


    Juchitan: Queer Paradise
    Canada / Mexico 2002 Video 65min
    Dir: Patricio Henriquez

    According to legend the Lord gave Vincent Ferrer, the patron saint of Juchitan, strict instructions to drop off a moffie in every town. With his pocket full of pansies he set off to make the world a gayer place but, alas, in Juchitan his handbag platzed and they all came tumbling out at once. The Juchitanians just don’t seem to care if their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters or brothers are bulldykes, fairies, letties or queens. In fact they celebrate the diversity with as many velas (piss ups) as they can cram into a year, culminating in the MCQP of velas held by the gay basketball club. A celebration of a truly distinct society.

    Courtesy of Patricio Henriquez

    Jhb Fri 7 / 5.45pm Fri 14 / 6pm
    CT Fri 14 / 6pm Sat 22 / 4pm

  • See Henriquez interview on The National Film Board of Canada web site

  • Juchitan: Queer Paradise


    The Lawless Heart
    UK 2001 35mm 98min
    Dirs: Neil Hunter & Tom Hunsinger

    Stuart, the local restaurateur in a small coastal village in England, dies in a drowning accident with leaving a boyfriend, an extended family and no will. The ensuing tale is captivatingly told from different grieving (and not so grieving) overlapping perspectives. Everyone comes to terms with their loss differently and in so doing they learn more about themselves. Stuart’s lover Nick tries to keep his loneliness at bay by taking in the black sheep of the family, Tim, and by exploring his friendship with his wacky waitress friend Charlie (which has some interesting results). The in-laws are caught between grieving and worrying whether they should give Nick his rightful inheritance, and then there’s also brother-in-law Dan’s battle with fidelity. A lyrical, well-scripted and intelligent film about love, dignity and human frailty.

    Jhb Fri 14 / 6pm Sun 16 / 4.15pm
    CT Tue 18 / 8pm Fri 21 / 6pm

  • More information on the official film web site
  • See a review on the web site

  • The Lawless Heart


    Leaving Metropolis
    Canada 2002 Video 89min
    Dir: Brad Fraser

    David, a successful and famous painter, is uptight and blocked. All of his relationships, with the exception of that with HIV+ pre-op transsexual Shannon, are slightly bitter. His friendship with Kryla, the bitchy journalist, is marked by the goodbye salutation “Love you!” and reply, “Mean it…” Seeking inspiration, David secretly takes a job as a waiter in a diner owned by the ‘homey’ couple Matt and Blythe. There, David finds love and plenty of inspiration for his male portraits in the shapely form of Matt. In the process of seducing Matt, David puts the diner on the ‘place to eat and be seen’ map. But will David manage to wrest Matt from his wife? What impact will David’s frankly erotic paintings of Matt, due for public exhibition, have on the couple’s marriage?

    Courtesy of Film Tonic, Montreal

    Jhb Sat 8 / 6pm Tue 11 / 6pm Sat 15 / 8pm
    CT Sat 15 / 10.30pm Wed 19 / 6.15pm Sun 23 / 6.15pm
    Dbn Fri 28 / 9pm

  • More info on Telefilm Canada web site (French)
  • More info on Calgary Film web site (English)

  • Leaving Metropolis


    USA 2001 35mm 97min
    Dir: Michael Cuesta

    Controversial and provocative, L.I.E. is a coming-of-age story with an edge. 15 year-old Howie’s usual afflictions of adolescence are worsened by his growing homosexual desires for his delinquent and dangerously beautiful best friend Gary, the death of his mother and his strained relationship with his emotionally distant father. Out of love for Gary, Howie burgles the house of Big John, an ex-marine and pillar of the community who also has a secret but shameless love for boys. Howie is caught out and so his life becomes entangled with Big John’s. The film explores the ambiguous relationship between an older man and a young boy, balancing the fine line between paternalism and sexual desire. A hazardous transition to maturity. Intelligent, elegantly shot, daring and sensitive, this movie is a must-see.

    An Out In Africa / Stargate Distribution International release.
    Soon to be released on circuit.

    Jhb Thu 6 / 8pm Sat 8 / 10pm Sat 15 / 10pm
    CT Thu 13 / 8pm Sat 15 / 10.15pm Wed 19 / 10.15pm
    Dbn Thu 27 / 8pm Sat 29 / 4pm Sun 30 / 2pm

  • See a review on the web site

  • L.I.E.


    Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc’s Adventures in Plastic
    USA 2001 Video 60min
    Dir: Lisa Udelson

    She once toured with The Smith’s in the 80s – a more usual environment for the all-American, Jewish lesbian folk-singer, Phranc, who now employs her considerable talent and energy in selling Tupperware. Her zeal for plastic is so genuine, inspired by the Tupperware pioneer Brownie Wise, that she has become America’s number two salesperson! Here we see the frankly butch Phranc among her straight, suburban colleagues preparing for the annual plastic bunfest Jubilee, a national gathering to honour the best-sellers. Will they continue to call her ‘sir’? Will they recognize her achievements? This buoyant and engaging film takes us under the self-sealing lids of a huge plastic sub-culture - it’s an everlasting pleasure!

  • More on the Road Side Attractions web site

    Screens with:

    USA 2001 Video 20min
    Dir: Caren McDonald

    A sweet contemplation on when she first knew that she’s a lesbian…

    What are we doing tonight?
    Belgium 2002 Video 7min
    Dir: Marie Vermieren

    This is what Belgian bad-ad-bandits do of a night…

    Jhb Sat 8 / 8.30pm Fri 14 / 6.15pm Sun 16 / 5.30pm
    CT Sat 15 / 8.30pm T
    ue 18 / 8pm Fri 21 / 6pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 2.15pm

  • Lifetime Guarantee: Phranc’s Adventures in Plastic


    USA 2001 Video 90min
    Dir: Everett Lewis

    When you wake up between four naked bodies (one your good lesbian friend) on a post-party Friday morning, you’ve had a taste of raunchier things to come. A weekend of madness, sadness, mayhem and debaucheries begins that morning for the grungy blue-haired poet Jackson. The very “normal” Derek falls in love (at first sight, nogal!) with Jackson. Jackson loves the pain-is-pleasure pretty-boy Billy. Billy pursues closeted rock-star Sonny who wants Jackson for his lyric writing talents. To complicate matters even further, Jackson’s hunky country-bumpkin, lesbo-lovin’ cousin comes for a visit leaving Jackson with vexing question “Is it OK to fuck your cousin?” Youthful, angst-y, wry, humourous, grungy and gritty. Finally a gay generation X movie.

    Courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures

  • More on the Peccadillo Pictures web site

    Jhb Sun 9 / 7.45pm Thu 13 / 10.15pm Sat 15 / 10pm
    CT Sun 16 / 7.45pm Wed 19 / 6pm Sun 28 / 8.30pm

  • Luster


    The Man That I Love (L’homme que j’amie)
    France 1997 Video 87min subtitled
    Dir: Stephane Guisti

    It’s impossible not to stare at the boy, especially if he’s straight nogal, in the tiny tight Speedo and dream of revealing what it barely conceals. But this film is not all nylon deep, it is a sweet and sincere romance from the director of the popular Why Not Me? / Pourquoi pas moi? (Festival 2000). Martin, a pool attendant, is irrepressible and uncontained and, from the moment he sees Lucas take the high dive, he’s in love. No-one is more surprised than Martin when his blatant persistence, in the face of a girlfriend and Lucas’ resistance, is finally returned with passion, and love. Take hope all those who’ve nearly died of unrequited love…but, of course, there’s a twist in the tale.

    Courtesy of ARTE France

    Jhb Fri 7 / 10.30pm Wed 12 / 10.15pm Sat 15 / 8.45pm
    CT Fri 14 / 10.15pm Sun 16 / 5.45pm Sun 23 / 8.15pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 9.30pm

    The Man That I Love (L’homme que j’amie)


    UK 2001 Video 144min (6 x 24min)
    Dir: Rikki Beadle-Blair

    Your mum’s a lesbian, your best friends are gay and so are your two dads. Sound like a perfect world? It is for 17 year old (straight) Kwame from Notting Hill. His friends and family include virtually every sexual, racial, social and physical type imaginable. When he’s not trying to get his flamboyant hairdresser dad and his music producer other dad back together, he’s busy following the advice of his gay best mates on how to get his girlfriend back in the sack. But his girlfriend is busy following the love advice of her lesbian best friend… Frenetic, frivolous and fun, Metrosexuality has been called the “future of gay television”. Its “ambisexual” plot is full of twists and turns and will have you begging for more.

    Courtesy of Rikki Beadle-Blair.

    Jhb Sat 15 / 12.30pm Sun 16 / 12.30pm
    CT Sat 22 / 12.30pm Sun 23 / 12.30pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 9.30am



    My Son The Bride
    Mpumi Njinge Retrospective
    We pay tribute to a South African filmmaker who died too young, last year in October, at the tender age of 28. Mpumi only made two films but his talent shines out and it is delightful to see how, from one film to the next, he developed as a director. He is missed.

  • More info on Gay & Lesbian Archives web site

  • My Son the Bride
    South Africa 2001 Video 24min
    Dir: Mpumi Njinge

    This charming film tells the story of Hompi and Charles , two men who want to marry each other. A tribute to the South African constitution which outlaws discrimination, also in terms of sexual orientation, My Son the Bride makes clear that however liberal our constitution, prejudices aren’t easily overcome, especially when family is involved. Amusing and heart-warming, this film takes us through the wedding preparations while giving us valuable and indeed surprising insights into contemporary views on same-sex relationships, making nonsense of any notion that tolerance is the exclusive preserve of the well-heeled chattering classes.

    Courtesy of M-Net

    Everything must come to Light
    South Africa 2000 Video 25min

    Dir: Mpumi Njinge & Paulo Alberton

    This documentary focuses on the lives of three dynamic same-sex identified women who are sangomas (traditional healers) living in Soweto. They are articulate, sympathetic women who are willing to share their stories. This is an unusual story in a realm that is often shrouded in silence and secrecy. After leaving their husbands, two of the women were able to explore their sexuality in relation to other women as a result of their dominant male ancestors instructing them to take wives. The relationship with their ancestors and the roles that they play in their healing powers and their sexuality are focal points in this documentary.
    The film was co-produced by The Gay and Lesbian Archives (GALA) and Out in Africa. The funding was provided by Atlantic Philanthropies, Out in Africa, HIVOS & Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

    Courtesy of GALA

  • More info on First Run / Icarus Films web site

    Unmasking Mavis
    South Africa 2002 Video 26min
    Dir: Stelana Kliris

    Unmasking Mavis is the unashamedly camp and honest documentary of three colourful coloured quee(n)(r)s in Grahamstown. It’s a student film that asks some pretty awkward questions. And these gals truly tell it like it is. From shagging the straight boys (even the one their sister likes!) to strapping up penises to fit into that little black number, these gals say and do it all. They are completely candid about their sordid past, playful present and hopeful future. Who’d ’ve thunk it in Grahamstown?!

    Courtesy of Stelana Kliris

    Jhb Fri 7 / 7.30pm Wed 12 / 8.30pm Sat 15 / 6pm
    CT Fri 14 / 7.30pm Tue 18 / 6pm Fri 21 / 6.15pm
    Sun 30 / 6pm

  • My Son the Bride

    Everything must come to Light


    The O Boys: Parties, Porn & Politics
    USA 1999 Video 69min
    Dir: Allen Gassman

    O is for orgy. O is for open-mouthed surprise. And you’ll get them both in this film. It all began in the 90s when, in the wake of the AIDS pandemic and the no-sex-is-the-only-safe-sex attitude, three guys decided to arrange safe sex orgies. Their controversial and un-PC ‘looks policy’ (you had to be pretty to get in) sometimes clouded their political objective of making free love – what the guys were going to do anyway, in dark rooms, on one night stands with multiple partners – free of stigma, free of attitude, free of danger. This candid, explicit documentary follows the origins of the O Boys, the party preparations, the action, the demos, the TV debates and the personal testimonies. What began as a small group now boasts a membership of thousands. O boy!

    Jhb Fri 7 / 9pm Mon 10 / 10.15pm Wed 12 / 10.30pm Sat 15 / 10.30pm
    CT Fri 14 / 8.45pm Tue 18 / 10.30pm Thu 20 / 10.30pm Sat 22 / 10.30pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 11.15pm

    The O Boys: Parties, Porn & Politics


    Property of the State: Gay Men in the Apartheid Military (World Première)
    SA 2003 Video 52min
    Dir: Gerald Kraak

    Out In Africa is proud to host the World Première of Property of the State: Gay Men in the Apartheid Military. The script was first developed in an Out In Africa script-writing workshop run by Jack Lewis.
    Boys, gay boys, any boys, in the army is a sensitive subject - unformed men conscripted, at a tender age, into an anonymous war machine with conformity and killing as its objectives. Kraak’s film explores the complex space that was the military for gay men, at once erotic and hostile.
    Edwin Cameron had this to say about the film: “What is impressive is its rich visual and emotional colourings, its unhysterical pace and tone, its intellectual and emotional depth, interspersed with considerable verve and humour – Matthew Krouse’s wicked recounting of the disbarred subsequently-married corporal and the fabulous account by Greig Coetzee of the Afrikaans barracks queen Rhur Labuschagne. It is important that, in this film, queers in the military are not presented as victims only, but as observers, resisters, critics, commentators and participants.”
    Others interviewed are Mike Smith, with a heart-wrenching testimony of surviving aversion therapy, Anthony Akerman, Damon Galgut and Sir Antony Sher. It, too, is a film in which Out In Africa invested and we are delighted with the results.
    The script was first developed in an Out in Africa script-writing workshop run by Jack Lewis. The producer is Jill Kruger (who also produced Mpumi Njinge’s My Son the Bride) and it was co-funded by the NFVF, GALA and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

    Jhb Thu 6 / 8pm Mon 10 / 7.45pm Sun 16 / 4pm
    CT Thu 13 8pm / Tue 18 / 6pm Sat 22 / 7.30pm
    Dbn Fri 28 / 7.45pm

    Property of the State: Gay Men in the Apartheid Military


    Proteus - A Work in Progress
    Canada / South Africa 2003 video 100min
    Dirs: John Greyson & Jack Lewis
    Producers: Steven Markovitz, Anita Lee and Platon Trakoshis
    Production Companies: Big World Cinema and Pluck Productions

    Out In Africa is very pleased to present a Work in Progress screening of the Canadian-South African co-production of Proteus.
    Proteus was shot on Robben Island, at the Castle of Good Hope and at other locations in the Cape. Based on a court record found in the Cape archives, dated Thursday 18th August 1735, it tells the story that led to the imprisonment of Dutchman Rijkhaart Jacobz (Neil Sandilands) and Khoi Claas Blank (Rouxnet Brown) for “mutually perpetrated sodomy”. The plot also involves Virgil Niven, a Scottish botanist, who was working in the Cape at that time, naming and cultivating the South African protea species. Niven ran a prison garden on Robben Island.
    The film is a curious and inventive mix, employing anachronisms to comment on the past (distant and recent) and present, our hidden past, and is very clever on the issue of language – who speaks and writes, who has a voice and who has the right to name and describe – flowers, people and crimes…
    John Greyson has been a guest of the Festival many times and we have screened numerous of his films, among them Un©ut, Zero Patience and the 1997 Audience Award winner Lilies. Jack Lewis is a co-founder, and for many years was a co-Director, of this Festival. We have also screened a number of his films – Sando to Samantha, A Normal Daughter and TAC. Using money raised specifically to fund queer film production Out In Africa was able, and proud, to become a minor investor in this production.
    Both these screenings, which are fundraisers for the completion of the film, will be attended by Cast and crew. A Festival ‘must see’.

    Jhb Tue 11 / 8pm
    CT Sat 15 /

    A Work in Progress - Proteus



    African Voices
    South Africa 2002 Video 3 x 4min

    As camp as Christmas, this short by Laurence Hilton aims to teach our nation’s wendies Xhosa. With phrases “Wow! I have a big one!” (find the xhosa words), you’ll never look at the “clicks” the same way again.

    Any Given Sunday
    South Africa 2003 Video 5min
    Dir: Gregg Watt

    Ever wondered what your estate agent is really thinking when she takes you walkies in the house? Ever wondered if she’s a lesbian? This improvisation of the Interactive Studio should help with the answers.

    Leaps Ahead
    South Africa 2002 Video 26min
    Dir: Stanimir Stoykov

    A choreographer’s dream (or nightmare) mockumented from conception to performance. You’ll recognise every tortured artist stereotype, from the ballet queens to the pseudo-intellectual critics. Nicola Hanekom shines in this hysterically funny film.


    South Africa 2002 Video 18min
    Dir: Koos Roos

    A disapproving father must come to terms with his gay son’s suicide. He drives to the coast in search of answers and redemption, and on the way meets another young man with troubles of his own. Will they find what they are looking for? Beautifully shot, very touching. An AFDA production.

    South Africa 2002 video 12min
    Dir: Francois Coetzee

    It’s always the sensitive musicians that are picked on in male boarding schools, and it’s always the butch rugby players who come knocking on their doors at night. And the memories always live on. A Pretoria Technikon student production.



    South Africa 2002 Video 30min
    Dir: Stanimir Stoykov

    Drag Artist Sharon Stone shines in this loud silent movie. Her husband has plans to destroy earth with his accomplice Ms Clithopper and his killer birds. The slutty Virgin Mary intervenes. Will Sharon and Mary be able to stop him?

    We thank all the filmmakers for the use of their films.

    Jhb Sat 8 / 8pm Wed 12 / 6pm
    CT Sun 16 / 6pm Thu 20 / 8pm
    Dbn Sun 30 / 3.45pm


    Sex, Politics and Cocktails
    USA 2002 Video 55min
    Dir: Julien Hernandez

    “Thirty year olds are either fucked, or not”. Sound familiar? Sex, Politics and Cocktails is the gay Bridget Jones, just funnier with more margueritas, nicotine, neuroses and sex. The single, straight (for now) and gorgeous 30-something Sebastian (Julien Hernandez) finds himself being slowly nudged – with the help of tequila – into the glittery gay world by his daytime soap-star, fruit fly friend, Daria. A nudge is all he needs and he happily finds himself immersed in the hysterically chaotic gay scene of L.A. The film pokes fun at the usual stereotypes, from Mr. Bang Bang (!), to the quirky Michael who can only have long-term relationships with his Armani suits.

    Julien Hernandez will attend the Festival.

    Screens with
    The Dress
    Canada 2002 Video 15min
    Dir: Nico Stagias

    Funny… dress envy in livid, vivid Technicolor…

    Jhb Fri 7 / 9.30pm Mon 10 / 8pm Sat 15 / 5.45pm
    CT Fri 14 / 9.30pm Tue 18 / 9pm Sat 22 / 5.30pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 8pm

  • More on the film's official web site

  • Sex, Politics and Cocktails


    Sordid Lives
    USA 2000 35mm 111min
    Dir: Del Shores

    When the opening songs’ refrain “ain’t it shit sorting out our sordid lives” is belted out by Olivia Newton-John as the ex-con turned barfly singer, Bitsy Mae Harling, you know you’re in for a gem of a movie. Peggy Sue, the Texan matriarch dies, you’ll never guess how, but it involves her affair with G.W., who is married to Noletta who is Peggy’s daughter Lavonda’s best friend! Her death forces the family - gay, straight, and the ones recovering from a bad case of transvestitism in a loony bin - to come together for the funeral with rollicking results! Oh, if only all American soapies were like this… It’s a white trash Gays of our Lives. Clever, well-written and hysterically funny!

    Jhb Fri 7 / 6pm Sun 9 / 4pm Tue 11 / 10pm
    CT Thu 13 8pm Sat 15 / 8pm Thu 20 / 6pm
    Dbn Fri 28 / 5.45pm

  • See a review on the web site

  • Sordid Lives


    Tasty Bits
    Russia 2002 Video 85min subtitled
    Dir: Sasha Valenti

    It seems that the biggest success of the “iron curtain” was hiding Russia’s sexy lesbians from the rest of us. But that’s been kalachnikov’d out of the water with the first Russian-language, lesbian-themed feature. The blonde Molotov cocktail, Julia, is openly gay and the creative director of a radio station. She works hard and fast professionally, but her playtime is even more feverishly active. No glass of vodka or single woman is safe from this dyke Don Juan. Until she meets her match in the titillating Tanya. Here lesbian sex doesn’t mean talking, it means sex! The movie also has its fair share of action, as Julia is thrust into the world of politics and gangsters in an attempt to save her station. An indie film that ropes you in.

    Courtesy of Sasha Valenti

    Jhb Fri 7 / 6pm Sun 9 / 6pm Thu 13 / 7.45pm
    CT Sat 15 / 6.30pm Mon 17 / 8pm Thu 20 / 6pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 4.15pm

    Tasty Bits


    Switzerland 2002 35mm 95min subtitled
    Dir: Pierre-Alain Meier

    Discovering that the beautiful woman you’re thinking of having a relationship with is actually a man, more or less, can put a definite damper on things. This is the situation in which former boxing champion and down-on-his-luck Vincent finds himself The vivacious Thelma seems like a gift from the gods when she floats into his life offering him a pile of cash to drive her to Greece to confront, and extort money from, her married ex-boyfriend. The trip is a long one, and a curious bond takes shape. But Thelma has more than just one bone (!) in her closet. There’s the ex-girlfriend and a little accident that happened 10 years ago to confront as well. A heartwarming and funny road movie that crosses a lot more than country borders.

    Courtesy of Pro Helvetia Liaison Office South Africa

    Jhb Thu 13 / 10pm Sat 15 / 6pm Sun 16 / 6.30pm
    CT Tue 18 / 6pm Thu 20 / 10.15pm Sun 23 / 4pm
    Dbn Sun 30 / 6pm



    This I Wish And Nothing More
    Hungary 2000 Video 80min subtitled
    Dir: Kornel Mundruczo

    Bruno, his girlfriend Mari and her gay brother Ringo are inseparable and they lead seemingly carefree lives. But, money is tight in the countryside, and so Bruno and Ringo make weekly trips to Budapest to turn tricks, without Mari’s knowledge. Their double-lives in the Hungarian underworld soon catch up with them, leading to violence and destruction. The film is filled with black humour, dark characters and disturbing imagery. Hungary’s answer to Trainspotting.

    Courtesy of Magyar Filmunio

    Screens with:

    Diary of a Male Whore
    Palestine 2001 Video 13min subtitled
    Dir: Tawfik Abu Wael

    The title of this movie reveals it all. It’s a dark, atmospheric film about a Palestinian rentboy, Esam, in Israel. Grungy, intelligent and very well shot.

    Jhb Sun 9 / 8pm Fri 14 / 10pm Sun 16 / 6pm
    CT Mon 17 / 9.30pm Thu 20 / 9.45pm Sun 23 / 5.45pm

  • See more info on the Arab Film web site

  • This I Wish And Nothing More


    Tipping The Velvet
    UK 2002 Video 180min (3 x 60min)
    Dir: Geoff Sax

    19th century toms come to life in this visually seductive, three part screen adaptation, by Sally Head Productions for the BBC, of Sarah Water’s much acclaimed novel, Tipping the Velvet. Nan, an oyster shucker falls in love with Kitty, a music-hall male impersonator (never has a woman looked so alluring in a suit!!). Together they head off to London in search of fame and fortune (Kitty) and for love (Nan). Their perfect world is torn apart after the first episode. We follow Nan as she finds a niche in the Victorian sexual underworld, has an affair with a predatory and amoral older woman and she ultimately finds herself in a Marxist household with a beautiful potential love interest. But, will it last when Kitty reappears? Stylish, sensual, witty, funny and gripping. More than just Pride and Prejudice with lesbian sex!!

    Courtesy of Sally Head Productions

    Jhb Sat 15 / 12midday Sun 16 / 12midday
    CT Sat 22 / 12midday Sun 23 12midday
    Dbn Sun 30 / 10am

  • See the story on the web site

  • Tipping The Velvet


    Treading Water
    USA 2002 35mm 95min
    Dir: Lauren Himmel

    Christmas time is supposed to be a time when families get together to celebrate their love. But that’s nigh impossible if your mother is a judgmental cow who doesn’t accept your perfectly acceptable lifestyle as a lesbian longshorewoman, your social worker girlfriend, your car (a pick-up), or your humble abode (a boat). A nice but ineffectual father, two younger brothers with problems of their own flesh out what appears to be nice American family but we find that their bonds are all based on secrets and lies. And like all the best family skeletons they come rattling out of the closet and over the dinner table. Happy Christmas! Drama and emotions let loose in this holiday tale of love and honesty.

    Jhb Sun 9 / 8.15pm Wed 12 / 6pm Sat 15 / 8pm
    CT Sun 16 / 6pm Wed 19 / 6pm Sun 23 / 6pm
    Dbn Sat 29 / 6.15pm

  • See the interview with Lauren Himmel on The Renaissance Lesbian web site

  • Treading Water


    USA 2002 Video 55min
    Dir: Jay Corcoran

    When triple therapy or “cocktails” were introduced to tackle the AIDS epidemic, many people believed that the fight against AIDS was virtually won. Viral loads became “undetectable”. And, even though the protease inhibitors have brought many back from the brink of death, the drugs do not come without side effects, and not everyone reacts well to them. This film examines the lives of six HIV positive people of different genders, classes and ethnicities who have only one thing in common: triple therapy. The film looks at the human face of AIDS, and celebrates the triumphs of some and the defeats of others. Eloquent and gripping, it is a reminder that the epidemic is far from over.

    Courtesy of Jay Corcoran

    Jhb Fri 7 / 7.45pm Sun 9 / 4.15pm
    CT Fri 14 / 6pm Tue 18 / 7.30pm

  • More information on the PBS web site

  • TOP

    Webcam Boys
    USA 2001 Video 57min
    Dir: RADD

    Here’s the voyeurs delight at the click of a mouse – a whole other dimension of pornography and Reality TV. Skip the kitchen gatherings, the bickerings of non-entity non-personalities and head straight for the bedroom. Similar to 101 Rent Boys, which showed at the Festival in 2002, this documentary also gives us a behind the scenes look at the men who do it, on camera, for their pleasure and the pleasure of others. There’s Kip, Dino and the incestuous Cody and Cory. But it’s not all fun fun fun as the boys reveal their motives for doing it and the trauma of living under 24 hour scrutiny. A surprisingly touching and poignant film.

    Jhb Fri 7 / 11pm Tue 11 / 10.30pm Fri 14 / 10pm Sun 16 / 9.15pm
    CT Fri 14 / 11pm Mon 17 / 10.15pm Wed 19 / 10.30pm Fri 21 / 10.30pm
    Dbn Fri 28 / 10.45pm

  • More information on the Four Guys Productions web site

  • Webcam Boys


    Whether You Like It Or Not: The Story of Hedwig
    USA 2002 Video 106min
    Dir: Laura Nix

    You’ll like it! Whether you’re a Hed-Head or not, and if you aren’t already then you will be…. This fabulous film is a satisfying look at the genesis and development of the Teutonic sängerin, from her off off-Broadway beginnings at the Squeezebox, to her eventual stellar screen outing. There’s lots to see – the first performances, interviews and behind the scenes footage of the film. And behind every successful woman there’s a… man, in this case the slight and unassuming John Cameron Mitchell, successful Broadway actor and son of an army general. It’s obvious that his time on army bases, latterly in Berlin, had enormous influence and it all comes out, out of Hedwig’s mouth – the history of the Berlin Wall, the fluidity of gender and the vast importance of being blonde.

    Courtesy of Automat Pictures

    Jhb Sat 8 / 10.15pm Tue 11 / 10pm Sun 16 / 8.15pm
    CT Sat 15 / 9.30pm Tue 18 / 10pm Fri 21 / 8pm
    Dbn Sun 30 / 7.45pm

  • More information on the Automat Pictures web site

  • Whether You Like It Or Not: The Story of Hedwig

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